Are you attracting the right customers and staff?

Define Your Purpose.
Win their Hearts and Minds.

When you explain your Purpose – what you believe in, what you stand for, and why you exist – people intuitively know if they can trust you. That’s because people want to buy brands and work for companies that they can trust. If you don’t communicate your ‘Why’ or Purpose, they can’t tell whether they can trust you or not. And trust is essential to a successful long-term relationship.

Our Purpose is to help people explain their ‘Why’ in a deeper way – so it makes a connection within themselves, with the people they work with, and with their customers.

Our Mission is to align people, brands, culture and communications with their Purpose.

We provide coaching, consulting, and workshops that align brands, businesses and teams with their Purpose.

Who we help.

We work with:

  • SME Business Owners
    – Struggling to stand out from the crowd, and looking for a more authentic way to explain what they do that’s authentically unique
  • Business Leaders with teams who what to:
    – Improve morale and/or engagement
    – Unify their team behind a genuine culture
    – Align their strategies and activities with their Purpose
  • Start Ups
    – Searching for an easier and more authentic way to define their uniqueness and to translate this into their brand identity and marketing communications

What we do.

We create:

  • Purpose and Mission statements that articulate your ‘Why,’ inspire and unite.
  • Brand Stories that make a deeper connection, and which becomes the foundation for all your internal and external communications.
  • New brand names aligned to your Purpose
  • Brand videos that give you the tools to explain your story simply and effectively

We run:

  • One-on-one Purpose and brand coaching sessions for business owners and leaders
  • Team workshops to inspire, involve, and align them with the brand’s Purpose
  • Talks and presentations on the power of Purpose and how to use it in business

What we stand for.

We believe Purpose is the new secret ingredient – essential for long-term success.

We exist to help change the way people, businesses and brands work:

– From autopilot, to working on purpose.

– From working for the money, to working with passion and clarity, fully aware of what they contribute, and how it sustains and inspires them.


The secret to defining your ‘Why’ is not to think about it. Your Purpose is founded on your beliefs and drivers, which lie within the subconscious part of the brain, not the thinking part.  So the quickest way to access purposeful, creative thinking is to relax and tune in to that deeper part of the brain.

It’s also important to unwind and re-set your brain when you are feeling stressed and overloaded with the number of things you need to get done.

Here’s a free 5 minute exercise designed to help you do just that.


Create your Authentic Brand Story

Click here to access the self-guided video course to define your authentic business story and attract customers who appreciate your true value.

Activate Your Purpose

Click here to start your one-on-one coaching & consulting journey to define your Brand Purpose and Story, & create marketing communications that cut through the clutter.

Align your Business & Team with your Purpose

Click here to develop your genuine Purpose & Mission, and define your Authentic Brand Promise, to bring your team closer together, and to align all your strategies and activities with your Purpose.


“Justin’s purpose-driven approach to brand development is refreshing.

His process has helped us to get to the bottom of the ‘why’ behind our company and brands, and to develop authentic marketing communications.”    Anthony Azizi – CEO, Trinity Constructions

Justin’s work on our Purpose & Mission gave the brand an authentic ‘why,’ and ensured every team member knew how they could contribute to the greater goal in their own unique way.”        Steven Arnold – Founder, Iconika Venture Brands

“I actually thought I was already super-clear on my purpose, but Justin’s guided meditations took me to a deeper place of understanding. They have given me some core insights that I hadn’t previously understood. They’re powerful and so convenient and easy to do. I can’t recommend these highly enough”.  Carolyn Butler-Madden – Chief Purpose Activist, The Cause Effect

“Justin’s passion and experience for connecting people and purpose is invaluable.If you’re looking to explore purpose more Justin is your man. He can walk the talk from a traditional marketing perspective as well as from a non-traditional and deeper personal perspective.”
Saul Brown – Managing Director, Spring Ventures

The business meditation process takes you back to your roots and what you are really passionate about. The outcomes were greater clarity of what I do best, a greater passion for what I do, and practical ideas on how to maximise my effectiveness.” Linden Brown – Chairman, MarketValues Strategies 

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