Brands founded
on Purpose do better.

Is your brand a true reflection of your company's values?
Does it attract like-minded customers, or bargain-hunters?
Does it inspire you and your team, or just do a job?
Does it communicate a powerful message? 


The Power of Purpose

A recent Kantar Millward Brown Study in 60 countries showed that when companies or brands are clearly linked to a purpose, 80 per cent of them outperform the market.

In a Cone & Porter Novelli survey of 1,000 Americans in March 2018, 79% of respondents said they were more loyal to companies with a purpose, and 67% said they are more willing to forgive such a compay for a mistake.

According to New York Times bestselling author Simon Mainwaring, 91% of consumers would switch brands if a different one was purpose-driven and had similar price and quality.


Purpose drives and inspires people inside and outside of the brand.

But Purpose isn’t rational. It’s intuitive and emotional. So it can’t be defined in a rational discussion or workshop . It sits above the financial and strategic goals.

My job is to help you uncover it, define it, and integrate it into everything your brand says and does.

Working with Justin I had so many surprises which stunned and amazed, opening my mind to new possibilities.
My future is clear and focused.
— Lou H.

I help companies and creative agencies define what makes their brands authentic and unique, and develop business strategies, creative solutions, and strategic marketing communications that inspire their teams, customers, and business partners.


My Mission is to define your Brand's Purpose: why it exists, what it is here to do, and how it makes a difference. And then thread that Purpose right the way through your business.

Justin Cooper, Brand Purpose .Co

Get clear on your Purpose before you spend another cent on your brand.



I love brands. But my faith in the way brands are marketed has been seriously tested in recent years.  Most people agree that brands are bought intuitively and emotionally, not rationally. So why on earth are they still being developed rationally? 

Having spent 30 years in brand marketing I've seen a massive shift in the way people buy. They used to buy on image, now they buy on values. They are looking for like-minded brands that share and reflect their beliefs, and great brands get this.

What drives me is a burning desire to give companies and their agencies a new kind of tool that unlocks a deeper connection between the brand owner, the brand, and the customer. That tool is founded on mindfulness, and driven by Purpose.

Benefits I bring.


Most businesses struggle to explain what makes their brand genuinely unique from its competitors. The only way develop a brand's true potential is to first get inside the heart of the people who create and manage it. And that means asking deeper questions, to provide the clarity to understand that brand's Purpose.

This clarity makes it much easier for companies and their agencies to develop authentic brand IDs and communications, because they are founded on Purpose.


It's so much easier to align business culture, business operations, and brand communications once you have a clearly defined and authentic Purpose and Mission.


Purpose and Mission statements are typically created in a 'rational' way in a workshop scenario. These can lack passion and authenticity, and can end up sounding like everyone else's. My proven mindfulness technique goes to the heart of the matter, to deliver far greater authenticity.   


Nothing unites like a common Purpose - it puts everyone on the same page: internally and externally. It brings teams together, it provides

Decisions are easier

Being clear on your Purpose makes it much easier to make decisions. All you need to do is ask 'is it Fit for Purpose?' Answer Yes: Do it. Answer No: Don't do it. It also helps you (as CEO) or your client (as Creative agent) to agree upon strategic and creative solutions - because they are all developed 'On Purpose.'


What I offer.

I help CEOs, MDs, HR and Marketing people to get more from their brands through strategic consulting programs - aimed at clarifying company and brand Purpose, and threading this Purpose through all their business operations, company culture, brand strategy, and brand communications.

I help Creative Agencies get greater clarity on their clients' Brand Purpose, so they can develop strategically-aligned solutions that are far more likely to be approved first time, because they are on Purpose. I give these agencies a secret weapon to hit the mark every time. 

I'm a Sydney-based freelance consultant supported by a network of like-minded specialists including business change managers, brand designers, and brand communication managers.


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