Founded on Mindfulness, Driven by Purpose.


I believe the world has changed. As consumers, we now value authenticity above image, and needs above expertise. Purpose is driving this, with a growing desire to understand why things are done.

The Impact on how we market brands is significant. It's no longer enough to demonstrate to customers that a product or service is amazing. Today's customers need to know the provenance and values behind the brand, even the beliefs of the people that produce it. They are looking for a brand that reflects their own beliefs and values. 

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My working life has come full circle, from global brand marketing in the the late 80's to 2000, to SME consulting, to Purpose coaching and 'Purposing' consulting in the past 6 years.

I have developed a mindfulness technique to allow brand owners and managers to explain the Purpose that underpins their brands, and to use this to define what makes them authentically unique, and to deliver this uniqueness through their product or service delivery, their company culture, their branding, and their brand communications.


We Believe:


1. Anything is possible.

2 . The future is there to be created.

3. Purpose comes before profit.

4. There is always a better way if you look for it.

5. In doing the right thing.

6. In being open and transparent.

7. In making a difference to all stakeholders.

8. Having a great team is the foundation for success.

9. What we deliver is always more important than the fees we charge. 

10. Expert advice makes us more powerful.

We Believe Brands should:

1.  Align to their Purpose.

2.  Be known for their Values.

3.  Create strong feelings for their Tribe.

4.  Be a reflection of who owns them.

5.  Be more simple, not more complex.

6.  Be agile and flow with change.

7.  Be ambitious enough to change the status quo and set new standards.

8.  Empower customers to be better versions of themselves.

9.  Nurture and support their tribe.

10. Be easy to recommend.