Discover your Animal Totem.

What makes you unique?
What are your hidden strengths?
What is your real brand personality?

Visualisations can be incredibly valuable to business success. They give you access to ‘hidden’ information within your subconscious that defines who you are, how you are unique, and what you are capable of. Armed with clarity, you can inject your unique DNA into your business or brand.

The Animal totem visualisation has helped over 150 people to get clarity on what they, their businesses, and their brands really stand for.

“I cannot tell you how perfectly the symbolism of this animal described me and reminded me of parts of myself that I had long forgotten. I found incredible clarity and certainty, in my desires, my goals and my purpose that I had lost over time.”

Dene MenzelFounder at Branthem

“Just thinking about the animal fills me with everything I have learned about his representation. He’s become a symbol that has increased confidence and conviction in my ideas, with a sense of freedom and vision that I can access at will.”

Steven ArnoldCreative Director, Iconika Venture Brands

“Justin’s guided meditations have been so valuable to me. They have given me some deep core insights that I hadn’t previously understood. They’re powerful…”

Carolyn Butler-MaddenChief Purpose Activist, The Cause Effect

How does it work?

Step 1: Download your Animal Totem exercise
This comprises an 11-minute audio link to the visualisation and a short questionnaire to catalogue your findings.

Step 2: You receive a fact sheet about the animal you ‘meet’ during the visualisation
This details the key strengths of your totem and what it brings to you.

Step 3: Book your 90-minute Zoom coaching session 
We review the fact sheet and work out which elements are most relevant to you. We then complete your Unique Advantage grid, to determine:
– The innate strengths of your business / brand
– The benefits and outcomes you provide
– What makes you unique


1. Clarity around:
What makes you unique
What defines your Brand Personality
How you deliver in your own natural, unique way
The results you bring to your customers

2. Confidence to own and project your uniqueness into the market

3. Reconnection with your Passion for your business / brand

To discover your Animal Totem and get a new level of clarity and confidence, please click on the link below.

Your investment is just AUD $299 + GST.

“6 months after working with Justin I find I revisit the finished work almost weekly and it is continuously relevant and guiding as I pave my professional and personal journey. If you are seeking to define and differentiate yourself to your market, and also in your own personal understanding of the impact you want to make on the world, I cannot recommend working with Justin enough!

Paul HarperManaging Partner, Full Spectrum Health Solutions

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