Purpose Podcasts 

How do you connect with your Purpose and put it to work in your business or brand?

That’s what ‘Conversations on Purpose’ explores. In these interviews we discover how business people have defined their Purpose and how they put it into their business and brands.


Episode 1: Start with You

I chat with Peter Wilson from the Shopper Collective about why it’s so important to ‘Start with You’ when seeking to clarify your Purpose in business. This 15 minute podcast gives insights into a more intuitive way of defining your why and connecting to what you do and how you do it.

Episode 2: Purpose in branding

The second interview with Peter Wilson from the Shopper Collective about how Purpose add significant value to brands, and how this can translate into the retail space. This 17 minute podcast discusses how Purpose can connect brands to their audience in a deeper way, and how this translates in the retail environment.

Episode 2: Preventing 1 Million Divorces

Jurgen Schmechel has a BHAG - to help prevent a million divorces around the word. Jurgen from Inspiring relationships explains how he had an epiphany that he needed to start a new business. This 16 minute podcast is about defining Purpose, and turning it into a Mission to make a difference in the world.