Businesses founded on Purpose do better. 


The Power of Purpose

A recent Kantar Millward Brown Study in 60 countries showed that when companies or brands are clearly linked to a purpose, 80 per cent of them outperform the market.

In a Cone & Porter Novelli survey of 1,000 Americans in March 2018, 79% of respondents said they were more loyal to companies with a purpose, and 67% said they are more willing to forgive such a compay for a mistake.

According to New York Times bestselling author Simon Mainwaring, 91% of consumers would switch brands if a different one was purpose-driven and had similar price and quality.


Purpose drives and inspires people inside and outside of the brand. But Purpose isn’t rational. It’s intuitive and emotional. It can’t be defined in a rational discussion or workshop . It sits above the financial and strategic goals.

My job is to help you uncover it, define it, and integrate it into throughout your organisation.

Working with Justin I had so many surprises which stunned and amazed, opening my mind to new possibilities.
My future is clear and focused.
— Lou H.

I help companies define what makes them authentic and unique, to win the hearts and minds of the people that work there, and to inspire and motivate them to deliver their Purpose.

Get clear on your Purpose before you spend another cent on your brand.



I am driven by Purpose.

Having spent 30 years in brand marketing I've seen a massive shift in the way people buy. They used to buy on image, now they buy on values. They are looking to work with and buy from like-minded people that share and reflect their beliefs.

My burning desire is to unlock a deeper connection between the company, its employees, and the customers they serve. To use the power of Purpose to inspire and motivate people and teams to be their true selves and achieve more for themselves, their companies and their customers.

What I offer.

I help CEOs, MDs, HR and Marketing people to inspire their customers and teams - by defining and implementing their Purpose through all their company culture, operations, brand strategy, and communications.

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