Purpose-Led Companies

Perform Better

A 2018 Kantar Millward Brown Study in 60 countries showed that 80 per cent of brands that are linked to a purpose outperform the market.

In a Cone & Porter Novelli survey of 1,000 Americans in 2018;
– 79% of respondents said they were more loyal to companies with a purpose
– 91% said they would switch to a purpose-driven brand of a similar price and quality
– 67% said they are more willing to forgive such a company for a mistake.

Looking to Inspire?

We all want to attract and retain customers and colleagues who are a joy to work with. But to do so, you need to ensure your values and beliefs align with theirs.

That’s why it’s so important to define your Purpose, and communicate it to your customers and work colleagues – so you can attracts like-minded people who truly value what you offer them.

It’s the key to winning the hearts and minds of the people you work for and with.

How I help Business Leaders.

I’m Justin Cooper, founder of Brand Purpose .Co
I believe Purpose is essential to success in business. Having spent 30 years in brand marketing, I’ve seen a massive shift in the way people buy. They used to buy on image, now they buy on values. They buy from like-minded people that share and reflect their beliefs.

Together with a team of like-minded consultants, I help business leaders define and communicate the deeper Purpose of what they do, and ensure their people, culture, brands, and operations align with that Purpose.

We do this by delivering:
– Purpose & mission statements
– Brand strategy and positioning recommendations
– Team engagement workshops
– Mindfulness workshops
– Online employee resources
– Purpose talks

Purple Hat Thinking

Purpose is the new secret ingredient for success in business.
It is best represented by a purple hat.

Why is it that?
When Edward do Bono developed his six thinking hats methodology, he forgot the Purple one.
To be fair, the world in the 1970’s didn’t really need Purpose in the way we do today.

So what’s changed?
Customers are far more brand-savvy than their hippy parents. Millennials and Gen Zs are asking tricky questions of the brands they buy and the companies they work for, such as:

What do you stand for?
Why are you here?
What’s your Purpose?
Why do you make your products using child slave labour?

Get clear on your Purpose before you spend another cent on your brand.

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