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Clarity & Connection.

We work with creative agencies and companies to give them the clarity to explain what makes their brands unique. We help them develop brand communications and marketing campaigns that make a deeper connection with their ideal customers.

Bridging the gap.

We provide the ‘missing link’ between the company’s objectives and its brand’s delivery. It’s that vital, and often missing information that lets the client explain who they are, what makes them unique, and why they make a difference to their customers.

Making Agencies more effective.

We make it easier for agencies to deliver creative solutions their clients will love first time – because it is ‘On Purpose.’

Motivation and Inspiration.

We make it easier for companies to motivate their team and to attract like-minded customers and partners.

Here are some of the service we provide.

Brand Purpose & Mission Development

Traditional Purpose and Mission statements can lack authenticity, passion and motivation. That’s because they are written from the head, not the heart. They are usually financially and goal-driven, not dream-driven.

I’ve developed a new way to interpret and explain the purpose of a brand, so it makes a deeper connection with the tribe it exists to serve. From this foundation business strategies, internal culture, and brand communications can be developed authentically and in alignment with a clear and connected Purpose.

Authentic Brand Stories

We learn to engage with a good story from an early age. As we grow older we look for greater authenticity to make a connection between what we believe and what we buy. And so brands that communicate their ‘why’ do far better than those that don’t.

My Stories are based squarely on the Purpose behind the brand, and this creates a deeper connection with the brand’s tribe. As an author of business and children’s books I understand how to write a story that engages. As a brand marker of 30 years I know how to write actionable copy. I bring the two skills together to create Authentic Brand Stories and engaging taglines that entice the reader explore further and to consider joining the tribe.

New Brand Naming

I’ve been developing new brand names for a wide range of companies from haircare, to professional services, to farm machinery – for over 10 years. My process is to make a strong connection between the Purpose of the brand and the needs and values of the consumer.

Logo and Website Design

Working with my tribe of like-minded branding specialists I co-ordinate the development of your visual identity to produce brand logos and web designs that align with your brand purpose and attract the right customers.

Brand promotions

I develop impactful and strategically aligned advertising, promotional, and online creative solutions that communicate your Brand Identity – using my specialist creative partners.

In house training

It’s essential that the whole team within a business is aligned with the company’s Purpose and Mission. I provide in-house training to ensure the team is motivated, aligned and working on Purpose. I use ‘standard’ facilitation practices as well as intuitive mindfulness techniques to engage with participants.

Through my partners I also provide business planning and change management coaching and consulting.

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